Skills Needed To Become An ERP Consultant

Large business and corporations usually employ a staff of ERP consultants. Before seeing what are the skills needed to become an ERP consultant are, let us see what an ERP consultant is. ERP or an Enterprise Resource Planning consultant is involved in the enterprise resource planning implementation activities. He is required to facilitate the day to day activities of the supply chain. It is a service that helps with the selection and implementation of ERP systems. The requirements to become an ERP consultant are important as these consultants help to assist the organizations in managing the business requirements. These consultants aid in monitoring the system and optimizing the system by fine tuning the business procedures and technical components.
Now let us see what are the skills needed to become an ERP consultant. This consultancy job is quite rewarding and requires good communication skills, technical knowledge of ERP, knowledge of functioning of ERP, aptitude for problem solving and a capability to convince. You may need to solve business problems and redesign business procedures. A lot of planning, testing, coordination and designing are required which needs you to have patience. You may be needed to provide your views regarding certain problems in the business and train the users. Let us put what are the requirements to become an ERP consultant in points as below:
1. Educational Qualification: A person who wants to become a consultant requires a basic educational qualification in computers. This is important so as to be able to learn the software use and know the technical and functional features. This is one of the basic and key requirements to become an ERP consultant.
2. Communication Skills: Having good communication skills is rather important for a consultant. Government Relations Consulting Agreement He should be able to answer all queries of the client and have convincing skills.
3. Software/Hardware knowledge: The knowledge of basic software and hardware is advantageous. He should be aware and familiar with Oracle, SAP and Microsoft.
4. Understanding of Business: The flow of company and the operations of the company must be understood well by the Self Employed Consultant Agreement consultant. It is important to understand the business environment to be able to implement an ERP application.
5. Know Fundamentals: One should know the fundamentals and the basics of ERP. You should understand why ERP is required by a company and its importance. This is one of the requirements to become an ERP consultant.
6. Know few modules: It is good to know the basic modules like Purchasing, Inventory, General Ledger, etc. Understand the basics of each and the technicalities.
7. Training: Having a formal training in use of ERP platforms and software is extremely helpful. There is also the option of online training available. Many tutorials are available online for starters that can help you.
8. Problem Solver: You need to be a person who has an aptitude for solving problems and finding solutions.
9. Business Intelligence Tool: Learn a Business Intelligence Tool like Discoverer and become an expert at it.
10. Start free: You should be willing to offer free services at the start to have a chance to showcase your potential.
If you follow these basics on what are the requirements to become an ERP consultant, you will be eligible to jump start your career as an ERP consultant.

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