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As a retired business person, so often folks will ask me for advice, and yet they don’t give me all the information I need to assess the situation to give them accurate advice. Worse, too many folks these days are totally impatient, and when I ask them questions Consultancy Rates Per Day Uk to help give them better advice, they send me back a “tweet” or text message with the answer. Then when I give them advice based on their “limited” information, they say; “well, what about this” and then give me one or two more pieces of information.
At that rate, I’ll never be able to answer their questions accurately or give them the advice they really need, worse, they do not realize this and think one can run an entire business with a long string of text messages, it just doesn’t work that way. Recently, this scenario occurred again, as I was giving out a little free consulting small business advice, and so I finally mentioned to the would be start up entrepreneur;
You see, I am having a tough time assisting because, I need more information, I am in the fog-of-war here, you are asking questions without giving me the whole scenario. Each email has given me new information, as some of that information has negated my previous advice. And it’s okay NOT to do this business too, it’s okay to just say; it does not make sense, and then do something else instead.
Then they indicated; “if I am becoming a pain in the butt let me know I will leave you alone.” And that doesn’t solve their problem, and leaves them without the information they really need. So I explained; “well, one thing that concerns me is that, I need all the facts, because, you are asking me questions, and then giving me new information each time.”
The business they wished to start was a little mobile auto service business and they wanted to hire a couple of guys to do all the work. Yes, I understand all that, but also it really matters what city you are operating in, because there are regional variations to this business depending on “where you are” and the weather. It matters, along with demographics, and thus, that affects your market mix (type of customers you choose).
Also, if you are going to have “two-guys” working for you while you sit around, that’s probably not going to work, and employees are a serious issue; health care costs, worker’s compensation insurance, CDL record, additional insurance, etc, etc. And since it is a mobile business, it’s hard to keep track of your employees, Property Consultant Job and there is the issue with the reality that this is a cash business, employees often steal the cash or hide side-jobs from you while using your products. Managing a mobile business is not so easy, luckily with technology it is a little easier, but that technology for tracking costs money too – upfront investment.
The moral of this story is, that as a consultant – paid or otherwise – you really cannot help the individual entrepreneur, unless they level with you and give you all the facts. And if you give them the right answers to the wrong questions it may just be worse than if you never gave them any advice at all. Please consider all this.

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