Small Business Success – The Importance of Branding

There are two times a year when I think about gyms. After I have finished the last of the Christmas leftovers and when I start thinking about booking my summer beach holiday.
I know how good the gym can be for me. I should. I have been shown around dozens in my time with the 30 minutes explanation about health, nutrition and energy. I’ve joined a few of them ‘post chat’ and even exercised in a couple more than once! However, despite this in-depth knowledge about the benefits of actually attending one of these places of physical worship, I find myself out of membership once again.
As you probably know, LinkedIn floated in May. Reid Hoffman made the tidy sum of $1bn. Up to 10 million of LinkedIn’s 100 million users are recruiters and they make up an even higher percentage of the premium paying subscribers. Proof if any more were needed that recruiters are major users of LinkedIn’s incredible business network.
For recruitment consultants, there has never been a business tool to match LinkedIn. You already know this, you’re registered on it and so are most of the consultants that I work with. However, in many of the recruitment businesses that I consult with, the majority of employees that work in them use LinkedIn as a giant directory or photo gallery rather than the incredible business networking tool that it is.
Let me make it clear, I am not a LinkedIn guru! I know this now after observing the expertise of the LinkedIn trainers that I work with. However, from a strategic point of view, the development and building of personal brands on LinkedIn is often non-existent or poor at best. Social media and mobile ‘portfolio’ lifestyles have made personal branding more important today than ever before. It is our chance to engage with people who look at our profiles on a more personal and memorable level.
So what are the first steps to Property Consultant Resume creating the right brand?
Contribution: Consultancy Synonyms
This changes LinkedIn from a directory to a network. Not proactively contributing to your current and future business network is the equivalent of standing in the corner of a business conference room with your business card pinned to your lapel for 4 hours. Unless someone trips over your shoes they won’t notice you.
If you have taken the trouble to build 100’s of connections or join relevant groups, then network with them. Give them a person worth interacting with. Market information, survey results, industry commentary, company updates. You are in the privileged position of being able to talk to a massive range of people in your chosen market. There is so much that you can offer your network that they will be interested in. After all, as a recruitment consultant, you are a ‘broker’ of information.
Summary Information:
Use this to distinguish yourself from the competition. Take on board your own excellent advise to candidates when you tell them to refer to their achievements or highlight points that make them stand out. This does not include the ‘facts’ that (1) you operate with honesty and integrity (2) you try harder (3) you are striving for excellence. Yawn, yawn.
LinkedIn is a business networking tool. By all means show some personality, but this is not Facebook. How you would like to be first encountered in business is how you should appear.
In these days of social media hype or phenomenon (take your pick) I have heard it argued that LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are replacements for a candidate database. Agree or not, as an activity that I can do from the comfort of my couch, it’s a great deal easier and more effective than Googling gym memberships.

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