So You Want To Offer Your Consulting or Coaching Services In The Internet?

So you are a consultant or a coach who wants to offer your services in the internet. How do you determine exactly what you have to offer?
Here’s what you have to do:
Step1. Draw three circles in such a way that each circle intersects the other two circles.
Step2. Label the circles as follows: Knowledge, Passion, Market
Step3. Shade the common area covered by the three circles. This is your ideal area of operation. This is your sweet spot.
This circle represents what you know and what your experiences are as you go through your career. Most of the time your officemates, your friends, your relatives ask you to help them with the same or very similar problem. They ask you the “How do I…..?” question too often. It seems to you that they look upon you as the only expert who can provide them with the solution. They tell you openly that you are really very good at solving their specific problem.
This circle represents your passion in sharing what you know from the circle of knowledge. How much inside you do you desire to help people with what you know? If you will do it just for the sake of money, you will fail in the long run. Your clients can feel if you are there to help them or if you are simply making money from them. They will leave you in no time at all if they feel that you are just interested in making profits. On the other hand if your clients feel that you are there for them with the intention of helping them always, then they will stick it out with you for a long, long time.
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Your Sweet Spot
This is the area that should be of most interest to you. You will most likely be successful if you focus on this area. It will also take you a shorter period of time to launch your product and start making money if you concentrate on this area once you found it.
Colorful Examples of Market Niches
The following examples show the variety of market niches in the internet. It is not limited to a group of market areas. The field is wide open for almost everybody!
Examples of consulting or coaching niches found from a Google search:
1. How to raise rabbits
2. How to raise orchids
3. Dancing lessons
Examples of consulting or coaching niches of participants of the live event class that I recently attended:
1. Conquering your sugar craving Business Consulting Services In Chennai in a healthy, safe manner
2. Organizational development consulting
3. Outsourcing your technical customer support
4. Article writing and marketing process
5. Success with process improvements
6. Providing experience and knowledge in daily operations of restaurants through collaboration
7. Decorative windmills
8. Get control of your life
9. Accounting consultants
10. Program your subconscious for success
11. Book publishing coaching
12. How to get rid of your migraine headache
13. Teaching success to the youth
14. Build successful relationships online
15. Leadership development and coaching with expertise in conscious communication
16. Consulting on the use of polymers
17. Boost of gratitude, motivation and inspiration
18. Build your tribe that attracts clients
19. Strategy consulting
20. How to use laughter to improve your relationships

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