Some Things Having Little Value When Home Downsizing

There are two types of people who are downsizing their homes today. My mother is from the “Depression Generation”. She grew up during the Great Depression Accenture Consultant Travel Policy of the 1930’s, she remembers when things were really tough, and she has thrown very little away. She kept everything, just in case things got bad again.
I’m from the “Woodstock Generation”. My generation bought things thinking that they would grow more valuable with age. We thought all we had to do was buy it, Why Join A Boutique Consulting Firm wait 10-20 years, and then sell it for a profit. Little did we think that maybe… just children wouldn’t be interested in the same things that we were.
Both Depression the Woodstock kept way too much stuff. Our houses, basements, garages, and closets are filled with things that we probably should have thrown out years ago, at least from a value-perspective. And as people begin downsizing their homes today, they must deal with this excess personal property…before they can close on their Real Estate.
And finally, if you are planning a long distance move through a common carrier, remember that if you are paying for the mover to pack, and if the price of your move is based upon weight as well as distance, it makes little financial sense to pay to mover to move it, only to dump it when you settle into your new home. Sometimes it’s just better to let move on.

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