Start Computer Consulting For Extra Cash

If you have ever thought about wanting to start computer consulting as an independent contractor, then now is an excellent time to test the waters. The need for computer consultants is in high demand. The technology gap between people that understand technology and people that don’t is getting wider by the day.
You don’t have to make a full time commit or decide on if it is something you want to do for the rest of your life. Go out and try and to pick up a client or two and see what you think of it. It’s not hard to go out and find clients. There are several techniques you can use to do this.
The more difficult thing is deciding if this is something you want to do long term and are you willing to do what it takes Salon Consulting Fees to make it in this business. Primarily, do you have the motivation, determination and discipline to be self employed.
If you are currently looking for work and have no job or steady income, this is even more of a reason to get out there and try and pick up a few consulting jobs. What do you have to loose. It’s better than sitting around waiting for the phone to ring.
So if you are wondering how to go out and get some freelance work or find a client, try this. Print up a basic flyer using MS word. Put your name, services you are offering, rate (if you want), and your phone number along with your email address on it. Most importantly, put a headshot of yourself on the flyer. Do not skip this step!
I think the headshot can increase your chances of getting a call back over your competitors. This is another conversation in itself, but for now I advise you put a headshot on your flyer.
Take your fliers and go to a business district with lots of small office suites. Go into each location you can find and talk to a person inside. It does not matter who that person is. It could Management Consultancy Pdf be receptionist or owner. Give them a quick spill of who you are and that you want to help them out whenever they need it. Hand them a flyer and walk out the door. Don’t wait for an answer.
Make your approach short and sweet. It may be uncomfortable for you to do this but you will get better at it, I promise. To recap, if you are looking for some cash and a job, start computer consulting on the side for some extra income. Who knows where it could lead you. You might find you build the confidence to do this full time and it is the best decision you ever made.

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