Take a Company Public – S1 Attorneys – PCAOB Audits – Alternative Universe of OTCBB

The undertaking of a taking your company public on the OTCBB, just as with the NYSE and NASDAQ can be tedious, strenuous, exhausting and an Learning Consultant Jd ongoing perpetuation of one failure after another until you just throw in the towel and call it quits; but it doesn’t have to be that way.
Going public can be rewarding, prosperous, empowering and the beginning of massive capitalization and international expansion. There are two things to remember when putting your ‘going public’ plans together. First: don’t be naive by thinking that you can do it yourself, you’ll certainly fail as this process has too many components and is infested with sewer rats that will climb on your back for a free ride just in case you make it.
Second: be smart and hire a Public Offering Strategies Consultant. This type of business consultant is rare and difficult to find as they are in demand globally because of the streamlined manner in which they are able to take a company public. Strategies consultants that specialize in pre-public corporate strategies and structuring, initial public offering facilitation and post public investor relations planning and mergers and acquisitions. They’ll expedite the public offering while giving your company a powerful foundation conducive to hardcore domestic and global expansion.
The road to becoming a publicly traded company is littered with the carcasses of companies that either tried to complete the process on their own or corporation with the foresight to hire a consultant but battled the consultant on each portion of the process and added so much stress to the deal that the consultant threw in the towel and moved onto the next project.
Word to the wise, this is one industry that you, the inquisitive self taught or over educated doesn’t stand a chance. The intricacies of this industry are of such proportions that unless you are completely submerged in this business for Business Consultant Company years with 80 hour work weeks you won’t even crack the surface of what it takes to go public and stay public and grow through expansion with a solid trading volume to monetize your company’s securities to create expansion capital.
Find a consultant, step back, keep your cell phone hand and leave this to the professionals while you reap the rewards. You’ve earned it! Through your blood, sweat and tears you’ve built your company. You’ve created jobs, contributed to the economy, paid Uncle Sam his pound of flesh, you deserve to succeed. Use the process of going public to create wealth for your family, long term job stability for loyal and hard working employees and a product or service distribution that spans the globe.

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