Telephony and Other Open Source Services Your Business Needs

Seriously, one of the best things I ever did was switch off that dinosaur AT&T and move to VOIP. Asterisk is the open source framework that a lot of companies are using to build VOIP applications. The free application I use is Trixbox. Another one is FreePBX. These solutions are scalable How To Start A Dental Consulting Business to 100s of employees and stay free. The only thing you pay for is the minutes, which are CHEAP if you do it right. When it comes to running a business you want technology and innovation while maintaining margins, and the world of Open Source has really made that more possible recently.
When you move to an open source environment like the ones I listed above, you need to work with a good carrier. I work with Vitelity and XcastLabs for my phone numbers and lines and I’ll tell you what, I save tens of thousands of dollars a year. These guys charge for the numbers, but you’re talking cheap. Last I remember unlimited outbound for something like $7 a month. I also, due to the robustness of the asterisk framework, have the most incredible, detailed, automated reporting of everything that happens in my business. Every call that comes in, goes out, from where, who they spoke to, how long they were on hold, how long they talked, average agent efficiency, returns per batch, cost analysis… the list goes on and on, and it’s free! With professional IVRs and recordings that other companies charge hundreds and thousands for. These are the systems that they use.
What else can you get open source? Pretty much everything people! CRM? Try SugarForge (that’s the totally open source version of sugar crm) or try Zoho. It’s free people! I can’t tell you the hundreds of thousands of dollars I wasted on paying for services that already exist for free. Us as business owners are such suckers sometimes. We equate quality with price. But I gotta tell ya, most people don’t need Salesforce and most small businesses will never get the return they need out of it. Even as a medium size business, grab an open framework and have a developer or two customize it a bit.
I will never go back to paying for most services again. My revenues are up due to increased efficiency, my expenses are down dramatically due to the fact that I refuse to pay for inferior Business Opportunities For Lawyers services when I there are superior ones, for free. I’m happier. Increase your margins, improve your analytics, reduce your stress. Open source solutions work. Your business deserves it.

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