The Cornerstone of Our True Success

Profit David wrote “As man thinketh so he is”. We are what we are and where we are because of what is going on in our mind. However, the realization that we can change what we are and where we are by changing what goes into our mind will lead us to rethink and replace many of our existing beliefs, which in turn will increase our self awareness leading to ultimate success. This is the cornerstone of our true nature that forms our future and our destiny.
But first, let’s ponder the notion of the status quo. We have known for hundreds of years that the world is not flat and yet linear thinking still pervasive in our culture. An example of this linear orientation is the random process of wishing to be without doing, and wanting to have before we can be. In other words, we might know what we want to achieve, but we do not clarify why we want to achieve it, or where we would start, and what can inspire us on the way.
Therefore, how can we stimulate a positive change so that we can shape our new reality and stop the old cycle of overwhelm, frustration, and undesirable results?
We can start by harnessing the forces of the universe and actively participating in the creative process of making our goals happen, and by creating an invigorating experience. We ought to remember that the universe does not exist unless there are conscious beings looking at it, us. No longer can we afford to stand on the sidelines and watch things happen. We are part of an open and dynamic universe and our minds play a decisive part in constructing our realities. We just need to unleash them by making things happen and ultimately create the business and lifestyle we deserve.
It’s like climbing a mountain, gaining new and wider views” Albert Einstein
Our mental climb will be rewarded by an open and exhilarating view of our potential, which is waiting to be unearthed. Our inner conscious becomes a powerful force whose influence is felt in every aspect of our lives. It is in fact, the most important part of who we are, and is the main cause of our success.
It’s not enough to know our goals and follow a plan. We must be clear of any negative unconscious beliefs and limiting thoughts that we might have, otherwise we may be spinning in circles. Subsequently, we can begin our purposeful journey towards attaining our goals by asking ourselves compelling questions like:
A� What is it about this situation that led us to Mckinsey Rate Card choose it? How we would like the situation to be?
A� How will we know that we have achieved the goal? Is there a measure that we can use?
A� What could someone else do in this same situation that we can model?
A� What obstacles are in our way that could Biggest Consulting Firms In France prevent us from achieving this outcome?
It is important to recognize that no decision has any power unless we commit to action based on sound purpose regardless of the difficulties. We must acknowledge that everything worth doing is worth doing poorly until we learn how to do them well. Then by focusing on our options we can decide which action or actions stand out as being the activities that would bring us just one step closer to our desired outcome. The choice is ours, we start by acknowledging that pain is part of life and suffering is an option.
Conversely, when we are tough on ourselves, life is going to be infinitely easy on us. Then again, we’ve got to be before we can do and we’ve got to do before you can have. We can have anything that we want including, infinite happiness and success; if we can help others get what they want.
Unlike success, happiness is a piece of mind it’s an inner condition and the key to success. Nonetheless, we must stop looking for happiness outside ourselves, and be at peace with ourselves all the time by loving what we do and not just doing what we love. If we want our outer condition to succeed we should start by changing our inner condition, our mind.

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