Thinking About How to Keep Your Top Performers? 3 Ideas

A leadership study held by BSI in 2010 exposed ” retention of very high performers ” as the third toughest concern for corporate leaders these days. We often question if they will stay, when they will quit, or what will make them leave. In reality, your top workers have already concluded if they will stay or go! Believe it. Those who will stay already know why, and what would make them leave. Folks who will move on may already know when, and what would cause them to have a change of heart and stay. So in your case as a leader, wondering what they’re thinking will get you nowhere fast.
Have you any idea the things they know? If you are not, it will be your loss! Perhaps it’s too late to hold onto Consultancy Synonyms some high performers – not the case for other people. Information is power and the sooner you act the better.
Here’s a fairly easy tip: You will need to get information if you want to hold on to your high performers… but what kind of information are we talking about? First, stop.
1. Stop jumping the gun – about which high performers will be ready to jump ship and why, and which will decide to stay and why. It’s risky business thinking you have it all figured out.
2. Stop projecting – your own needs and tendencies on your high performers. For instance, if you’d leave for extra money, thinking others would, is projecting. Maybe you wish to know your alternatives, and you’d leave only if the perfect job surfaced; you are projecting by believing that others will act the same way.
3. Stop acting helpless – concerning getting high performers to stay. It’s true that high performers leave because they are not getting what their performance Business Consulting Firms Near Me deserves, but money is not always the reason. They may say it is, but being truthful on the way out the door serves no purpose from their angle.
The important task is to locate what is on their minds. This may only be done by building relationships, creating trust, and making it painless and safe for them to tell you what’s going on.
Do these behaviors describe you? Then you’re ahead of your counterparts. After all, these are the leadership lessons derived from executive and leadership coaching, leadership consulting, MBA programs, even the school of hard knocks.
It’s never too late to start. You can make a lot of headway quickly, if keeping high performers is important to you.

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