Time: Do You Spend Yours Wisely? Find Out Now!

Time. What actually constitutes Time? We begin life during early stages of conception and our Time starts ticking away until we eventually pass on in death. Time is the ultimate gift that we are given through the gift of life, and as studious homo-sapiens we attempt to quantify and measure it. Seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, years, time on the job, time off, time in between. No matter how we quantify it, measure it, analyze it, no one has yet figured out how to create more of it.
In spite of our inability to create more Time we are fortunate enough to decide how we utilize the majority of it. At this point none of us are able to go back and reuse time spent – whether it was well spent or better left to pass. Fortunately we can look at our past habits and use of time and make conscious choices about where we will end up tomorrow.
When reflecting back on past occurrences and looking to future endeavors a small bit of clarity begins to emerge. No matter how much we focus on the past or dream about the future, the only time that actually has the greatest impact on our life is the Time associated with Now – the present.
In spite of this seemingly simple principle and its amazing power, how many of us truly neglect the power derived from the present? Are you caught up in analyzing and attempting to fix past mistakes? Do regrets and missed opportunities consume part of your current conscious thinking? Or are you so caught up in what the future will bring that you miss the opportunities that are presented to you here and now?
Have you taken inventory of how you currently spend your time? Do you maintain a balance between family, business, and yourself? Is your time spent in the most productive ways to maximize all aspects of your life, whether Accenture Consulting Analyst Reddit it be quality time with your kids, spouse, or friends; maximizing the time you spent at work performing your key revenue producing activities; or taking personal time to replenish your internal batteries and relax.
Many of us complain of not having enough time to get everything done in a day. There’s always one more phone call to make, one more document to sign, one more email to send. Once we leave work there’s laundry to fold, dinner to cook, errands to run, softball practice, a church social, or some other task to complete. The list continues to grow – and if you aren’t careful the backlog eventually becomes all-consuming and you lose site of the things that are most important to you, your life, and your family.
How do you halt the momentum of “out of control” time management and get back on the proactive side? Understand how you spend your time, what matters most in your life, where you have the biggest impact, and eliminate everything else. Consider these questions and think about how your mind immediately responds.
“But I am needed by so many people in so many Deloitte Great Graduate Analyst Indonesia different places. Where would I say no?”
“My business simply doesn’t run right without me, I have to be there.”
“My client’s like working with me. I don’t have anyone else to fall back on.”
“How can I say no to chairing a fundraiser for kids? It just wouldn’t be right.”
You get the point. It doesn’t matter what context the details are held in, you can convince yourself that everything in your life deserves your time and attention. But does it really? Would your business really fall apart if you took an afternoon off to catch up with an old friend? Would your best client really fire you if they couldn’t reach you by cell phone or email over the weekend? Is there really no one else that could chair the fundraiser for the next big event? Without really looking at all the things you say yes to in a day, week, month, or year, and beginning to simplify by saying no once in a while, there isn’t much hope.
You are given complete control over how you spend your time, and though many things will infiltrate the day and appear deserving of your time, many simply are not. For many of us changing how we view and use our time will involve unraveling a long series of habits and decisions that have frittered our time away. For others, difficult decisions will have to be made about what truly is important and the best use of your personal time. Every individual has to assess their “Time Bandits” and begin to minimize and eliminate those items that consume the greatest amount of time with the least amount of fulfillment. Only you can determine what the measure is, money, the result of a summer of gardening, the awards ceremony at the end of softball season for the team you coached. The results are as unique as each of us and it truly is up to you to clarify what you want, where you want to be, who you want to be with, and how long you have to enjoy it.
As 2010 begins to fade in to 2011 there are countless people reflecting on what didn’t happen in 2010 and looking forward to 2011 with new hope and vigor. Many are writing out resolutions to accomplish things they know are important but just couldn’t seem to get around to. Instead of just writing things down and intending to accomplish them this year, please begin to plan your time in such a way that enables you to take action. The only way you will be able to sit back a year from now and reflect on all the things accomplished in 2011 will be to maximize the use of the time you are given now.
If you see yourself losing 10 lbs. this year, start exercising now. If you aspire to write a book, sit down and begin the outline. If you want to improve your relationship with a family member, pick up the phone and call them now. Simple steps taken consistently lead to extraordinary results.
Time is truly the greatest asset each of us was gifted at birth. You were given your own unique measure to use in life; and fortunately you are also given the ability to chose how, where, and with who you want to use it.
Has your time truly been spent where you would have liked? Take hold of your time Now and live the life you deserve. By utilizing the insights and simplifications mentioned in this article I know you will find yourself on the path to productive time well spent.
Here’s to a life lived with purpose and joy spent among loved ones doing what you do best!

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