Tip From the Builder – Top Things to Do to Prepare You Home, Building, Property, Land For the Summer

There are a few things that you will need to do to prepare your house, land, building, property for the upcoming summer. The weather has changed Goal Setting For Consultants and your building, home, land or property needs your help to prepare. These items will vary depending on your location and environment.
-Conditioned Air Space:
You will most likely need to change over your mechanical units (HVAC) from Heating to Cooling. There should be a switch located on the thermostat that controls each mechanical unit that will allow you to make this adjustment. If not on the thermostat, look for a switch or lever on the unit itself. Be sure to check and change the air filters.
-Lawn Irrigation:
Plants and grass will need their watering schedule changed. Some plants and lawns may require additional watering with the upcoming heat. Make sure to adjust the irrigation timer for each individual zone as many yards have several different zones.
-Pool / Water feature:
Pools will require additional attention during hotter days. You will need to adjust the pump filter timer for additional run time for the summer as with What Is It Advisory the heat comes bugs and algea. You may also need to adjust your chemical treatments as conditions in the water will change with the summer months.
-Ceiling Fans:
There should be a lever on the side of the each fan to change the direction the fan is blowing. If you changed it for this past winter, move it back to blow the air down for summer months.
Enjoy your upcoming summer. Ours in sunny Arizona has long been here already.

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