Top 10 Recruitment Tips for HR Consultants

1. Read the Resume carefully:
The first step to assess a candidate’s suitability for a given role is to read the candidate’s CV thoroughly. Check the education, work experience, years of experience, and personal details such as marital status and VISA status. Doing so will help in overall understanding of candidate’s professional background.
2. Conduct a Phone interview first:
Once you have shortlisted a candidate’s CV, speak with him or her over phone and understand whether the candidate is interested in a change. There is no point forwarding the CV to a client without the candidate’s willingness.
3. Conduct a one-on-one HR interview:
It is good to meet a candidate face-to-face before forwarding his or her CV to Client. This would help in understanding the personality attributes of the candidate.
4. Brief the candidate about the Client profile and know his or her views:
Explain which company you are recruiting for and provide details such as company website Management Consulting Firms name to candidate to understand his or her willingness to work in the company.
5. Understand the salary expectations properly:
Ask for candidate’s current salary and expected salary details along with the perquisites expected. Understand the notice period as well and note this down on the CV to keep the Client informed of the same. This will help in avoiding last minute confusions once the candidate is offered.
6. Ask the right technical questions:
Assessing a candidate technically is as important as assessing them personally. This is mainly because at work, Productivity Consultants it is these technical skills that help the candidate actually perform! So ask the right technical questions.
7. Assess basic communication skills:
Communication skills of a candidate can either make a candidate’s day or ruin it. Speaking Good English or any other language relevant to the job is very important for a candidate, to be selected for a role.
So check whether the candidate speaks his language clearly, without ambiguity and is committed to what he says.
8. Assess longevity and sustainability for Client:
Attrition is a major issue with companies these days. The primary reason for it is not selecting the right candidates for given roles. Thus, find how long a candidate will be able to stick to a particular role with the same company. You can find this by understanding how many years the candidate has worked for companies in the past!
9. Assess candidate’s personal strengths and weaknesses:
Ask the candidate what his or her personal strengths and weaknesses are. Remember that every human being has weaknesses. However, the same could be channelized at work to produce better results and improved upon. Thus, understanding both these factors is very important for a Client before hiring a candidate.
10. Conduct a background verification check, as required:
This may or may not be required for every candidate you shortlist. However, for senior roles, where the responsibilities of the selected candidate are critical to the Client company’s overall performance, it is better to check the same.

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