Top 20 Reasons Age-50 and Over Business Executives Choose To Become A Consultant

Independent Accenture Sustainability Jobs is the perfect “second career” for business executives. Moving away from a corporate environment and starting out in your own consultancy is an option that offers many benefits to individuals with specialized knowledge. In fact, becoming a consultant presents so many benefits that it may be hard to limit the reasons to twenty. I’m sure more will occur to you as your read this list of reasons so many mature business executives are turning to independent consulting as their second career choice.
1. The prospect of designing your own future.
2. The ability to work from home.
3. The opportunity to create better balance between work/family/community/life.
4. The freedom to choose which hours you work and how many.
5. The ability to set your own consulting fees.
6. The opportunity to create your own company’s culture and values.
7. The freedom to choose which people, companies and products you’ll work with.
8. The ability to say no to clients and companies that don’t meet your needs and expectations.
9. The chance to free yourself from the ups and downs of the employment market, including layoffs and forced retirement.
ability to supplement retirement income.
freedom to never retire if you so choose.
12. To reinvigorate yourself after growing stagnant in a job.
13. To explore niche interests and skills Consulting For Dummies your old job didn’t call on.
14. To experience the satisfaction of building your own business.
15. The chance to move from one interesting project to the next.
chance to earn far more than your job ever paid.
ability to set truly motivating goals for yourself.
challenge yourself to really use all your skills and abilities.
19. The satisfaction of using the knowledge and skills you’ve acquired to help struggling businesses.
20. The thrill of knowing you took a dream and made it into your reality.

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