Top 5 Reasons Why Mobile Marketing Is the Next Big Thing in Offline Consulting

Once you have your business established and running, the next thing you should think about is how to maximize your profit and keep it going. You probably have some Services Website Template Free Download local businesses approaching you to help them advertise their business on the internet, allowing them to reach out to customers locally and even nationally.

There are some techniques that will help you double your income as an offline consulting business, in as little as 3 months. One of which is mobile marketing.

Mobile marketing has huge potential when it comes to sourcing traffic, customers and generate more profit for your business. In fact, it was believed that in the next three years, more than half of the internet users of today are likely to access the web through mobile. It is one of the effective marketing tools of today, especially Consulting Industry Articles for offline consultants because it establishes a personal kind of creating interaction between you and your prospects. The entire process works not by bombarding people with text marketing messages. With mobile friendly websites and newly created mobile applications, marketers can reach out to a much targeted audience.

Here are five great reasons why mobile marketing is the next big thing to ever happen in your business.

Almost everyone owns a cell phone – Currently, over 80% of the country’s population owns a cell phone or two. This simply means that if you are not using mobile marketing, you are missing out over 250 million of customers in America.

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Texting will remain popular – In the next few years, texting will still be a great way for someone to forward a message to a friend. And with half of mobile subscribers using SMS in the US at the moment, it is way easier and more effective to market your business than the typical word of mouth. People in your locality have their own friends and family, and when they receive from their cell phones about your product, they can easily forward it to anyone in their phonebook who might be interested in what you offer.

The internet is accessible via mobile phones – Approximately, almost half of the cell phone users are accessing the web through their mobile phones. And with the number of people accessing their emails, or doing internet search on their mobile phones, needless to say that you can let your business reach out to all of these people providing you the potential of gaining more companies seeking for your offline consulting services.

Cell phones are a must-have – Many people can’t leave their homes without ensuring they have their cell phones in their bags or pockets. They take this hand-held device with them, at work, when going out with friends and even before they sleep. Average, computer users spend 2.5 hours facing their computers and mobile phone users use their phones 24/7, without turning them off. More than half of these subscribers use their phones to shop, transact and contact friends through social media. This could help you access millions of subscribers that may need your services.

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Mobile phone users are responsive – With over a 150 million of active users accessing Facebook via their mobile phones. This entails getting more web traffic and skyrocketing profits for offline consultants like you.