Transformational Benefits of Hiring a Professional Image Consultant

In 2006 JobOutLook reported the results of a survey that was given to employers asking them to rate the importance “of appearance-related attributes” when interviewing Selling Consulting Services Book a prospective candidate for a job; the results concluded that “grooming” was rated the highest at 73%, interview attire 49%, and the handshake 33%”.
How we dress and present ourselves to potential employers during an interview plays an integral role in whether or not we are offered a job, or politely shown the door with the famous one liner “we will call you if something comes up” do those words ring a bell? If so, you might have underestimated how important impeccable grooming and strategic visual presentation can be, besides your portfolio of clients and stellar job references.
Interview attire is much more than grabbing the first suit hanging in your closet. You are selling your experience, education, knowledge and leadership. As such, you are your own personal brand, which means from the moment your stilettos step into the boardroom you are establishing both visual and verbal communication. Think about it; if your resume boasts – financial contracts, and completed projects with major fortune 500 clients, but your attire and overall grooming communicates inexperienced, entry level employee your visual branding will send mix messages to the interviewer suggesting that you may not be ready to represent the company at the executive level.
Ask yourself this question – When was the last time you were selected for a promotion? Are your brilliant ideas and achievements over looked at work and yearly evaluation meetings? And when was the last time you were invited to attend a business networking function? If you have experienced one of these career blocks then you may be in that % of job seekers that are in need of a professional, re-branding image development consultation!
More so than before, professional, certified image-consultants are increasingly being sought after and hired by job seekers, corporate executives, new graduates and small business owners, as a way to remain relevant and competitive within the current job market. The role of a professional image consultant is to discover and enhance, as well as strategically strengthen or create their clients style personality. The goals and objective of the image consultant once hired is twofold: To identify areas of strategic visual enhancement that is appealing, professional and appropriate to the lifestyle needs of their client, as well as development coaching in areas such as corporate image, communication and behavior.
Understandably, we are encountering tough economic times and how wisely we choose to spend our money will solely be determined based upon our needs versus wants. However, it has been proven that the benefits How To Learn Management Consulting of hiring a certified image consultant richly enhances the social and professional lives of individuals who took the necessary steps to remain relevant and competitive when entering today’s work force.
Do you need to update your image?

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