Tupperware Sales Strategies – How Can I Boost My Sales For Christmas?

If you are a Tupperware consultant, you may be wondering how you can take advantage of the coming season. Knowing that preparations are already well advanced in Anchor Advisors the big stores, what are some of the Tupperware sales strategies you can adopt? If you need some ideas on how to boost your sales for Christmas, check this out:
It is encouraging to know that even though unemployment figures remain high and the economy fragile, direct sales companies like Tupperware continue to thrive. This is good news on two fronts: 1) people still have money to spend, but are more selective on where they spend it, 2) recruiting figures continue to rise.
So, how do you take advantage and boost your sales for Christmas?
1) Take time to go over your training guide and information available on your website or upline. Attend regional training days to keep your marketing skills sharp and since you can learn so many new ideas, it is well worth investing the time.
2) Throw your own party. Invest in some new pieces (or beg and borrow from other reps) and give your evening a Christmassy theme. Make up bundles of different items that go well together and show them off as gift ideas.
3) Prepare and present the food in Tupperware, together with any unusual, fun recipes that can be handed out with orders. Try having a really easy Christmas recipe set out for your guests to use the kitchen equipment for themselves. “Those that try, buy” is a very true statement and works!
4) Make up a hamper of goodies to raffle for charity. You could offer a free ticket for anyone agreeing to host a party or sign up as a consultant, and take the raffle around each party. Not only will guests see Tupperware items on show, they will also have the chance to win some for themselves.
5) Book a stand at school or local Christmas fairs. Create attention by filling a jar with attractive sweets and have a competition to guess the number in the jar, or have trays of mince pies and panettone set out for people to try on your Tupperware. There may be a small financial outlay, but the rewards will be worth it.
6) If you don’t have a large selection to show, see if you can share a Training Consultant Job Description Sample table with a friend with different items that would complement yours.
7) Create flyers to hand out at your local shopping centre. Take your diary with you to pencil in prospective dates immediately.
8) Set up Facebook, Twitter or your own Website to generate more interest and advertise open events.
If you want to turn your Tupperware into a more serious home business, you may need to learn further techniques and tips to help master the world of marketing. iMMACC internet centre has been created to teach people how to generate business without needing to rely on family and friends only for revenue. So, make yourself a coffee, pull up a chair and click on the following link. I hope these Tupperware sales strategies are helpful in showing you how you can boost your sales for Christmas.

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