Twitter Tips For the Overwhelmed

Twitter has become one of the most useful business-building tools out there. It’s quick and easy to use. And it’s powerful. The power of Twitter lies in the ability to build relationships and create conversations with followers and the people who you follow. But it can seem overwhelming and ‘just one more thing to do” So here are a few very short tips to get you in the swing.

Rule #1 Don’t spend more then 15 minutes a day on Twitter!

You can have a high ROI without a lot of time on Twitter. I encourage people to use the Twitter widget in and iGoogle dashboard so that you don’t drown in Twitter’s site. This widget pulls your tweets in every 3 minutes so it stays up to date, but there are no other distractions. You can just dip over to see what’s going on and get right back to work. It makes a nice break. You can scan what your people are chatting about, jump in if you choose, or tweet out a comment, short survey and be on your way. Spread your tweets through out the day to get the most exposure – but do not linger.

Rule #2 Do not Sell!

There are many ways to use Twitter but the number one no-no is hard sales. Nothing annoys people more than having someone constantly blasting sales pitches Siemens Management Consulting Ranking at them. This is not a commercial. It’s a relationship building tool. Here are some things to tweet about to stay in your follower’s good graces:

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Share job opportunities or client needs

Share useful or interesting links

Share links to your blog posts, articles, events (that’s OK, just don’t be a used car salesman)

Offer support

Offer community

Share an a-ha moment

Share a feeling

Ask a “have you ever…” question – start a conversation

Ask for resources…”what’s the best…?”

Share a laugh

Share a quote

Share a vent, pet peeve, nervous tick…

Do a tip of the day

Rule #3 Know who to follow

People of all sorts are going to follow you. That’s part of the fun of Twitter. But to make the best use of your time, choose who you follow carefully. I know a lot of people do an automatic follow in return when someone follows you, but that didn’t work for me. For some bizarre reason a lot of real estate people started following me and they really do a lot of sales tweets so I had to go back and unfollow. So be strategic. Here are a few ideas on who to follow (tip: you can search by keywords for people to follow:

People who hire freelancers

People who know people who hire freelancers

People who outsource to other freelancers

People who share the same ideas and interests

People who have to potential to collaborate on ideas

People who Listing Agent Job Description inspire you

People who you find funny, interesting,…

Rule #4 Remember: Relationships & Fun

That’s really what social media is all about, creating relationships, sharing your expertise, and having some fun.

The final caution:

Do not tweet anything that you do not want a room of about 150 people to hear. I’m just saying…

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