Use Direct-Mail Finding to Build Your Wealth Now

Being a finder is a great career! Doing so with Direct-Mail Findings is a really simple and productive way to do it. What’s nice about it is that you can do many new things in this career to earn money for yourself in the form of big fees and/or part of the ownership of a firm.
Here are some examples of people who have reported doing just that:
One such finder does almost all of his client finding by direct-mail! That’s right-he sends out as many as 100,000 computer-printed letters a year looking for firms that want to sell out to another firm. And he sends another 40,000 more letters to firms seeking to buy other firms!
His method works because, as of this writing, he has handled 65 mergers in the last 6 years. Three mergers a year is a very good year, states this finder. His approach shows:
Creative thinking can bring great results
Finders don’t have to walk around, “hat in hand”
Use of the mails can be good business
Looking can pay off if you are ready to work
Another finder seeks out good loans that can be financed by government-backed lenders. Such loans are those made by the Small Business Administration and other agencies of the U.S. government. He finds the deals and the clients by using direct-mail finding techniques. Backing by the government means:
1.The loan is as safe as any loan ever can be
2.Banks and other lenders like such guarantees
3.Credit unions can invest in government-guaranteed loans
4.Opening up loans to more lenders makes more money for all
Both of these finders are doing creative work in their field. They have, you might say, almost “invented” a new way to make money by offering an unusual service. You might do the same and make yourself big fees in this great field because:
The unusual often sells faster than established services:
New ideas attract people – you have more listeners
Higher fees can be charged for unusual services
New ideas have less competition than others
One new idea can lead to another and to more money! So sit down right now and do some thinking! Your mind can make you rich! We don’t want to see you earning your living digging ditches or doing other work in which your earnings are limited by time and your strength. Instead:
Earn money helping others with their needs by the output of your mind
Have others help you work and earn money
Grow rich by thinking rich all day-every day
Make big money with little investment
Form a career for yourself from your mind
Thousands of finders over the years have earned big fees. We think you can start now to earn such fees for yourself. While you Training Consultant Job Description Sample can earn fees offering the usual finder services, you might want to consider offering the new, the unusual! Why? Because:
You will probably make more money sooner
Your business will be safer Consultant Job Salary from competition
More customers (clients) will come to you
Your future will be more secure for years
You can train others to do your work
Rewards go to those who have new ideas

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