Ways to Earn at Home With Offline Business Consulting

Offline business Management Consultant Salary Pwc is today’s buzzword for internet marketing specialists. Offline business which are your brick-and-mortar businesses have found it necessary to make their presence known online. This presents a lot of opportunities for those who have internet specialties while working from home. There are countless ways to earn at home with offline business consulting and this article will talk about some of those ways.
If you are already freelancing as a web content writer or article writer, you can offer this very same service to offline businesses. Almost all offline businesses have no idea or skill to write articles, much less write keyword optimized articles. While freelance online writing can earn you from $5-$12 for every article, offline business owners are willing to pay as much as $25 for every article that you write for them. This may seem like it’s too much, but business owners know when they are paying good money for even better returns for their business.
Writing press releases is another lucrative way to earn at home. Press releases have some similarity to article writing. The main difference is that press releases are mainly promotional. This is more expensive than articles and businesses don’t need these as often as articles that are optimized for web content. You can charge from $50 to $200 for every press release. You can learn to write a proper press release from different online sites, most of these are offered for free.
Designing a company’s website is another specialty that you can do to earn at home. If you have the necessary skills to do this, companies will pay good money to hire you. Large companies are willing to pay huge sums of money for professional website designers. You can charge small businesses 50% off for your service which is just as professional.
Some businesses may already have a website to start with. But if you ask the business owners if they are generating sales or leads from their website, most will tell you that it’s just sitting there. If this is the case, you can offer to create a blog for their business. A blog will put them in touch with their customers. It will give their customers the assurance that they are there for real. It is a venue for communication. A blog is also the place where they can update their customers about new products and promote their sales.
Now that you have given their offline business an online presence, it is a necessity to join online social networks to further grow their business. Here’s another service that you can offer as part of your offline business Bar Consulting Contract. Offer to create their profiles at various social media such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and LinkedIn. After their profile is created, you can now add contacts and friends. This will expose their offline business to more and more people in their area. You can charge as much as $500 for this service, not bad for someone working from home.
Furthermore, after you have done all this, you can also offer to maintain their blogs, website and social network. You can charge a monthly fee for this service and earn a stable income. Indeed, offline business consulting is a viable way to earn at home.

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