Web Design – The Fundamental Part of Digital Marketing

Over the last weekend, I was pretty much fortunate to be able to spend my days with my Client, LyraStyle while they were conducting their Flea Market. That experiences had allowed me to get a further insight on how aesthetic looks and visual arrangement of goods can have an impact in the consumers’ behavior.
When they first started on Saturday, they have picked a location whereby the walk through was just less than 10 percent of the total traffic in the Flea Market. Situation in a corner walkway, they were left with no choice but to rely on a HIGH SALES conversion rate whereby any customers whom visited their booth, they Must sell something to them. Unfortunately, it had not been the case.
Thus, they began to fill up their booth with all the products they had on hand, including Bags, Pants, Dresses and also, Tops. It was not surprising to note that they did not manage to sell a single piece even after that change. The situation had left them with no other choice but to try out on our recommendation, to display only what the crowd wanted to see. They started to display this Twisty Dress and other captivating dresses like Floral Designs onto their rack. Of course, the number of visitors to their booth increased though their sales remain at S$0.
With Courtesy: Lyra Style
It was not by chance that their sales figure remain zero. Being an inexperienced Flea Marketer, they had no prior knowledge on what were the key points in succeeding in Flea Market and to their astonishment, they did not realise that a distance of 10m from booth to booth can have much impact on the visitor rate.
Thus, their only way to clock their first sales is to reduce price. And when they do that, it would be vital to ensure visitors knew about such action and thus, they displayed a hand-written cardboard sign signalling for that action. Yes, their first sales came in.
It was through this experience that it daunted upon me, there isn’t much difference between conducting a business in the Real World and the Virtual Market. In fact, it had always been more challenging to clock a better results in the Virtual World than the Real Business Environment.
Similarity 1:
Location plays a part in the Real Business world. We do not assume or take it for granted that a visitor will make an effort to walk to your booth if it is on an isolated corner.
Appearing on Google First Page, also commonly known as SEO, is vital to increase exposure. No customers will make an effort to screen through results pages from 1 to 100 just to find you. If not, we are just riding on our luck.
Similarity 2:
How the booth is displayed will have an impact in Sales Conversion. Consumers will never wish to visit a booth that is small Simple Consulting Agreement Letter but yet squeezed with multiple products. If size is a limitation, we have to focus on only what the Consumers want to see.
In the Virtual World, the aesthetic design of the website will determine whether the visitor’s interest has been aroused. If we choose to dump all our services onto one page, trust me, the exit rate for that particular page will be much higher than the average statistics.
Similarity 3:
Whenever there is a promotion launch, new product categories or whatever amendments make to your services, be sure to let your audiences know. Reason being they will never make an effort to find out the change and the onus lies on the Business Owners. The sames goes for the Virtual World.
MOST IMPORTANTLY, do not forget that fact that it is always encouraging to engage a professional digital marketing specialist to do the constant Training Consultants Series 7 Top Off updates on the advertisements, Web Design Layout, Banner Graphic Design and also, SEO and SEM when you conduct your business in Singapore.

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