What Do You Mean I Need to Update My Color Palette?

When I first had my colors done 30 years ago, via the draping system, I was told that my pre-packaged “Autumn” palette would be “good for life.” Suddenly, I felt freed from the wardrobe demons! No more expensive mistakes would be hanging in my closet.
Ten years later, after becoming a color consultant myself, I had my palette updated. I wanted more options than were available on that fan of 24 colors. This time I worked with a color consultant who used a much more personalized method to find my 100 best colors. My former generic “Autumn” colors now looked simplistic and not really right for me. While still warm and intense, my color palette became much more subtle, complex, and very individualized!
Fast forward another 10 years, and I began to realize that my color palette was no longer working as well as before. When I wore those colors, I didn’t feel comfortable. But they were “my” colors. How could they not be working?
So I visited yet another color consultant who told me that my coloring had changed drastically. I resisted that notion because I really liked the colors I’d been wearing; but, I finally began to see that those wonderful colors were now wearing me. When people can see the color, before they see you, that color is too strong!
Why was this happening? Here are some of the reasons I discovered:
1. I had stopped tanning myself, so my skin tones were lighter and pinker without those sun enhanced golden shades.
2. I had “fooled with Mother Nature” and used Retin-A, which allowed even more of the pink undertones to show through. (Other dermatological procedures, such as chemical peels and micro-dermabrasion can do the same.)
3. I was now 10 years older than when my palette had been created, and my personal coloring had softened and cooled as I matured. This happens to all of us to some degree. Our skin tones and eye colors become lighter and the blue undertones in our skin may become more apparent.
Other factors causing a change The Consultant’S Toolkit Pdf in personal coloring could be:
1. A major life change.
2. A major illness.
3. Taking medications.
4. Hormonal changes during pregnancy.
5. Eye color change through contact lenses or using eye drops for glaucoma which can change the color to brown.
6. Eating too many carrots (seriously!!) beta-carotene can change your skin tone to orange.
You may be noticing that the color palette you received 10, 20 even 30 years ago doesn’t work as well for you anymore. It may even be making you look older and unhealthier than Consulting Firm Indonesia you really are. What your color consultant should have told you back then is that you may need an update every 5-7 years. Your color palette isn’t necessarily “good for life!”
Copyright 2003, Leah Oman
All rights reserved

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