What Is Copy Writing and Why Is It Important to Your Business?

Everyone’s heard of Copy writing – you know, the legal process of protecting intellectual property. For example, “TM” for TradeMark or the “R” with the circle around it for Registered Trademark.
Well, that’s not what this article is about. Great copy writers are able to write compelling stories, engage the readers almost immediately and by knowing the reader’s psychology, can even help motivate the reader to take action. The actions we’d like our clients to take is often a clear How To Get Consulting Clients invitation (in marketing language it’s called a “clear call to action”) – for example: “buy now” (how subtle) or “add to cart” or Call now for a free website analysis or estimate – operators are standing by (530) 426-3641. Boy, that sure was a great example of a clear call to action
So, it’s important for us to intersperse a clear call to action in our copy writing. What are the other key elements?
1) The Hook – what is going to grab your potential client’s attention? What’s your perfect client’s biggest problem or need? What do they dearly want and how can you help them? Is your website ugly, outdated and no one is visiting? Boy that sure sucks… wouldn’t it be nice to have a great website design and have keyword research, competition analysis and SEO done for you? You don’t even have to know how to use a computer, and your phone can be ringing off the hook with new customers – what a relief!
2) The Pain or Problem – Losing Revenue in Your Business in this Down Economy? Are you worried about how to feed your family and keep your home? OK, I’m exaggerating, but you get the point. We are here to help people. If people are stressed, worried or in pain and we can help them, what a wonderful life this is.
3) Benefits – these are the things that people like about your service or product – these are very important to highlight. Great website design that reflects your business personality and makes you stand out from the crowd, simple intuitive navigation, and easy to maintain or make changes. Those are all benefits. Features would be things like unlimited memory, anti-spam plugins, meta tags optimized. You may want to have features, but usually people really want to know about results and how you can make their life better. If someone wants all the details, you can happily provide them, but not in your sales copy.
4) Results – Get more clients fast! You will get more traffic by being on the first page of all the Search Engines – especially Google! You will be able to leap over buildings with a single bound
5) Testimonials – Human nature is such that if there’s a crowd around a booth or act, we immediately want to go over there and see what’s so great. We trust referrals from our friends, and if others are happy with the work and results, we are more likely to be. It makes us feel safe in our decision to hire someone or buy a certain product.
6) A Guarantee – stand by your product or work. When we stand by our values and hold ourselves to utmost integrity Business Law Attorney this is easy to do. Always give your clients more than you promise and you’ll sleep well at night.
7) Special offers or Bonuses – for example, I’ll give anyone free updates and changes for two months if they buy the deluxe website package – you’ll not only get your keyword research done, competition analysis, full web design to your specifications, amazing copy writing, Comprehensive initial SEO, but you’ll get the free updates/changes… AND I’ll teach you how to make easy changes yourself – fast and simple. Get a small business web designer and search engine optimization specialist on your team today.
So, now you can see the value of good copy writing – it makes your brochures, postcards, website, etc… like having your own sales team that you don’t have to manage – they say the right thing every time and are very compelling. I hope you enjoyed reading this and that it helps you increase your business and ability to influence your clients to let you help them out… their lives will be so much better.

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