What Is SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)?

When people are searching for information, products or services using search engines (SE’s) such as Google, they are served with a list of search results based on the words or phrases they use. Countless amounts of testing and research by marketing companies has shown that the websites that appear at the top of the list of search results are commonly the ones that users will visit first. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a technique of web marketing which assists websites to achieve a higher ranking in the SE results. SEO is a powerful marketing tool capable of significantly boosting the amount of traffic your website receives from SE queries, by pushing your site’s ranking above that of your competitors sites.
For the majority of consumers, the internet and search engines are used daily as a way of finding out information, buying services or sourcing new or cheaper products, this makes extremely influential. Through effective SEO, businesses can reach a much wider base of consumers, providing a greater opportunity for expansion, growth and profits. Marketing a website Leadership Certificate Programs through SEO is in many ways more effective than the more traditional methods of advertising such as print, radio and television advertising due to the global audience the internet is able to reach. The relatively low-cost of SEO also make it accessible to much smaller businesses which could normally not even consider traditional forms of advertising.
When you enter your search query into a search engine, it processes your request and delivers you a list of what it sees as the most the most relevant web pages related to your search. There are variations in the way that the different operate and this means that entering the same search query in to different engines produces slightly different results. Search engines use complex algorithms to calculate a site’s relevance to a search term and place different weights on the importance of certain factors such as page content, how old the website is and how many inbound links are pointing to the site. From time to time, will update their algorithms, this algorithm change is generally carried out to deliver faster and more effective results to their users and to follow new internet trends such as social media or video usage. Although SE algorithms may change from time to time, the basic way in which they rank a website stays fairly constant and they will always aim to serve search results that will give site visitors the most interesting and relevant experience based on their search term.
The search engines use software programs, often referred to as crawlers, spiders, or robots, to crawl though website links from one web page to another, exploring the page content and sending in back to the for processing. All of the content found by the search spiders is indexed according to the SE algorithm and stored in databases ready to be served as search results. When a user carries out a search, the SE very quickly checks its database for the internet content that is the most relevant and serves it as a list of results.
Within SEO, part of the role of a specialist SE optimiser is to identify which search terms are most commonly used by people who are interested in the services or products that a website offers. This allows them to ensure that your website contains the most relevant keywords, in the most important places, within your web pages. This technique can significantly increase a site’s SE ranking and subsequently profits.
Links pointing to a website are vital for attaining top SE rankings. An inbound link is a bit like a vote or a recommendation and search engines place great importance on the amount and quality of these links. If a website has a number of good Consultant Company quality links pointing to it then often perceive that the site is a good quality and important site and this along with a number of other factors such as the age of your site and the number of pages it has, can help to boost its ranking.

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