What You Need to Know About Bonuses and Incentives

I have always enjoyed learning from high level coaches and marketers, especially their talent in “turning a phrase.” It becomes “signature” for them. And this is no exception.
“Stacking the Cool” refers to adding more “cool stuff” of value to an already awesome deal.
I want you to focus on the “cool” part with me, for a moment. We strive, as entrepreneurs, to bring our prospects and clients the very Strengths Of A Consultant best of our talents and expertise. However, we can sometimes forget the most important part – say it with me, “it’s not about me!”
What do I mean? Well, the “cool” for us may be more video, audio, or PDFs that have great information. It may be a glimpse behind the scenes of developing or delivering a program or product. But you have to ask yourself, “Is that what I want or is it what my clients would appreciate to help them achieve the result they expect?”
You see, when you’re building your programs, products and services and you’re ready to add bonuses or incentives to make it an irresistible offer, you have to ensure two things:
– One, that the bonus/incentive “fits” the overall offer
– Two, that the bonus/incentive makes Training Consultants Bundle the overall offer – EVEN BETTER!
Let’s look at each briefly…
The bonus/incentive should “FIT.” If you design a program that helps the client lose weight, for example, you don’t want to add a speed-reading course as a bonus, even though it’s a tremendous value. I can hear some of you are saying, “duh”! Let me show you how a business owner MIGHT consider doing this.
As a bonus, one could think that learning this new skill would be a great “distraction” while focused on weight loss or that you can immerse yourself in “healthy living” materials, faster. See how that MIGHT work?
But in the mind of your prospect, that’s NOT what they’re thinking. They won’t “see” the dots you’ve connected in your thinking. Think more of…”recipes that increase fat burning and are easy on your time and dollar” as an example.
Next, you want to be sure the bonus makes the overall offer, EVEN BETTER. How can you “amp up” the offer’s irresistibly? Using the weight loss program example, consider a one-on-one consult with a registered dietician (hint: who is your joint venture partner!) who personalizes the program for the client, which helps them to lose weight, both safely and fast, as part of your offer. Makes it a bit juicier, right? (Pun intended…smile)
And that’s how to “stack the cool!”
It’s really about focusing on the prospects desire for “cool” and then delivering it in a juicy way which adds even more value. That is the basis for creating offers that sell! So get out your sales pages, product sheets, notebooks and see how you can “stack the cool” in your prospect and client’s favor!

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