What Your Internet Marketing Consultant is Really Doing

The first time a client sees the effects of a well-planned and executed Internet marketing strategy, he is always sure to be totally amazed. As an Internet marketing consultant, I always see to it that he is. Otherwise, that would mean I failed in my job.
So what exactly do I and your own consultant do when we set out to work? What little tricks do we have up our sleeves that enable us to bring your traffic from virtually zero to a thousand per day in just a couple of months’ time?
At the top of our task list is keyword research. Basically, we load up our favorite keyword tool and try to find keywords that we’ll be working on to rank high in the search engine results pages.
If we want an easy skirmish with quick results, we aim for less competed keywords. However, if we don’t mind long, drawn-out battles that have huge rewards (unimaginably overflowing visitor traffic) in then end, we look for the highly competed ones.
After identifying the keywords, we deploy our team of highly-proficient writers to concoct SEO’d (search engine optimized) articles or Web content out of them. These are then either placed on your site or submitted to article submission sites.
Those sent to article submission websites are inserted with hyperlinks that link back to your sites’ pages. Other links are scattered all over the Web through comments, forum contributions, social networking site updates, tweets, emails, press releases, social bookmarking submissions, guest posts, and so on.
No, I didn’t forget link exchanges (in case you’ve heard of them). It’s just that I personally Is Justanswer Legit avoid them since they don’t have the same significant effect as one-way links.
Whenever necessary, I also make some changes on your site. I see to it that: all images have corresponding ‘alt tags’, meta tags are given the right values, site maps are submitted, and the overall structure of your site is web crawler-friendly. If you really need those Flash animations, then I’ll have to make some more modifications on your website.
Strictly speaking, all that I’ve mentioned so far belong to the SEO (search engine optimization) portion of my duties as an Internet marketing consultant. However, my Book How To Become A Consultant complete repertoire of services should ideally include others like: Pay Per Click advertising, social networking strategies, and affiliate marketing, among others.

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