Where Are My Business Results?

Ever notice how we think we do more than we actually do? Or we eat more or spend more than we think until we add up all the calories and cents?

It’s almost as if our brain is working to support our intentions rather than our actual actions.

This hit home twice last week when:

A client was thinking about changing strategies as “X” wasn’t working/bringing results. After some checking, she’d done “X” twice in 4.5 months – not the consistent action she truly believed she’d done and

One of several accountability check-ins after a Get It Done Right Community Teleclass shared how a member understood the level of her results after objectively looking at what she’d actually completed compared to what she thought she did.

If you’re saying to yourself, or to family members, “I just don’t get it… I’m putting in all this work, where are the results?”, What Types Of Consultants Are In Demand I challenge you to objectively see how much work you’re truly doing so you can determine if it’s the *right* work:

How many emails with informative and relevant information have you sent this year? If it’s less than 10 (and Top Consulting Firms Uk should be closer to 20), you’re not staying top of mind with your list – whether that list is 5, 500 or 5,000.

How many blog posts have you done? One person who shared she posts “all the time” hadn’t done anything in over 60 days.

How many articles have you posted on sites like to help bring traffic back to your site (note: this works for every industry)?

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Open your website and view it through a stranger’s eyes: Would you do business with you? Is anything available for sale or do you have to be contacted for everything? Do you look like a *real* business?

Are you looking for passive income and to “make while you sleep”? If so,do you have products available on your site to actually make that happen?

It’s our mind’s job to protect us, sometimes from ourselves and sometimes to our own detriment. Use the above cues/questions to objectively determine whether your business should truly have the results you’re looking for or if you have some work to do.


First, I fully realize this won’t be a popular or article and that’s okay. It’s meant to help you see where things may not be going as you hope, regardless of the level of your business.

Second, please don’t take this as advice advocating “all work and no play”. It’s not… it’s a matter of priorities:

Want more clients, are you consistently doing the things which will attract them?

Want increased web traffic, are you consistently doing those things which create it?

Want more revenue? Does your site offer something for sale 24/7? Are you offering something for a low investment for people to test you? Have you earned their trust by walking your talk and doing what you say you will?

Need to take a break? Do it… just remember the games our minds play – just as we often do less than we think, we also often rest/play more than we think (and vegging in front of the television counts as rest/play).

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You get the idea. And if you’re not sure of the answers, try keeping a Time Log to list out everything you’re doing (that’s everything) for a few days – you’ll quickly see where your time’s going and this exercise alone will help keep you focused on your intended results.