Why Business Coaching?

As the number of new business start-ups grow, entrepreneurs find the many challenges facing them to be daunting. Having a coach involved as a trusted advisor, sounding board, and an obejective viewpoint add another dimension to the business for the owner.
Unlike a traditional consultant who would look at a particular aspect of the business and then write a plan for change, the coach helps to find solutions Functional Skills Consulting to their challenges. Together, they implement change and work together to see it through. Coaching is not an event but a relationship.
Many business owners suffer from the frustration of spending most of their time working”in” their business rather than “on” their business. This often leads to a loss of passion and interest in their business. Talisker Consulting A coach will help them to develop systems and identify their areas of strength so that they can devote time to making their business run more efficiently without requiring their constant involvement.
The coaching relationship begins with an evaluation of strengths and weaknesses as well as an assessment of their business practices and procedures. Many times, this will include a financial analysis as well. The goal is to identify areas of weakness so strategies can be developed to bring about desired change. The business owner is also encouraged to develop a mission statement as well as a vision for the company so that leadership is focused and well communicated in their organization.
The goal of this entire process is to bring the entrepreneur back to the very reason why they started a business with. This would include a sense of accomplishment as well as financial and personal freedom.

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