Why Did The Russian Spies Use Coaching As a Venue to Steal Secrets?

Do you recall when they caught the Russian spies in New Jersey not long ago, or least it was less than a few years ago. It turned out they were all over the Internet friending people on Facebook, acting like normal people, and hanging around the colleges and universities, making friends with up-and-coming research scientists, futurists, and doing a little business How Can A Company Reduce Costs? and coaching on the side. Do you wonder why they tried those techniques and strategies? Well, let’s talk about this for second shall we?
Offering low-cost services to corporations, and doing coaching and Financial Advisory Consulting for startups, and working with universities, and futurists they were able to make friends and influence people, while shaping the narrative and direction of our nation. Many folks who consider themselves futurists are in a way socialist and communist leaning in their thinking. Perhaps Plato’esque in that they wish to design the perfect utopia, and they believe communism is the only track to do that. Of course, you and I know different, well at least I do, as I participate in the free-market system, and realize nothing can beat it.
Are there currently Russian spies using coaching as a way to steal secrets? Well, I would submit to you there are people from many countries trying to do the same thing, and as the coordinator for a think tank which happens to operate online, I often see things that don’t make sense, are a little bit out of line, and they make me wonder. Perhaps a little healthy skepticism is good, as things aren’t always as they seem. Does it make sense that Russia is still doing the same type of spying and using the same strategies today?
Why wouldn’t they, after all one of the best places to hide is in plain sight, and there are so many personal coaches and consultants out there, who can tell the difference anyway? The Russian spies seem to emulate and copy some of the brightest minds involved in those sectors, and they were into many industries not just defense tech. I would submit to you that corporate espionage agents from perhaps nations like China are using the same tactics, albeit slightly differently.
Does this mean we should be leery of all personal coaches, startup small business coaches, and corporate coaches and consultants? Well, it might make sense to check their background first before hiring them, especially if you hire them to help motivate your R&D department, which by the way is also a very common use of coaches to uplift the spirit and propel innovation within a company. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on.

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