You Can Retire As An Executive And Become a Business Consultant

Once upon a time, retiring meant the end of a career. These days, it’s more likely to mean the beginning of a new one. That’s because many business executives are choosing to transform themselves from retiring employees into active entrepreneurs.
Many people have a lifelong dream of opening their own business. And if you’ve worked as a business executive, setting up shop as an independent business consultant can be your dream come true.
Your stock in trade is what’s in your head. As a business executive, you spent years acquiring knowledge Independent Educational Consultant Fees that had real value to your past employer. That knowledge is now of real value to your future clients.
In today’s struggling economy, companies can’t always afford to hire all the help they need to assist them in growing their business. Yet their survival depends on their ability to operate efficiently and profitable. That’s why they turn to outside experts, men and women with the knowledge and life skills needed to cut costs and increase profits.
The use of outside consultants is growing. In fact, Harvard Business school recently calculated that the U.S. consulting industry generates around one hundred billion dollars annually. That’s a big pie, and businesses will be happy to cut you a tasty slice of it in exchange for your industry expertise.
The overhead for becoming an independent consultant is attractively low. Thanks to the internet, independent consultants can easily work from a home office, marketing themselves to and servicing clients anywhere in the world.
Yet this “easy-in” advantage can just as easily lead to the downfall of your new business. Too many start-up consultants fail to do the prep work needed to transition themselves into their new enterprise.
The knowledge you gained as a business executive can make you a respected independent consultant. But the mind-set that made you a good employee can work against you when you become self-employed.
If you’re accustomed to having the business plan set for you, having a team assigned to you and trusting an assistant to manage your schedule and contacts, it can come as a shock when you realize these tasks are now assigned to your desk.
Exiting a team that was organized for you and walking into an empty home office can leave you feeling isolated and Business Law Partnerships unfocused. Suddenly you’re all alone in your home office, the phone isn’t ringing, no assistant is running in.
That’s why it’s important to pull together or find an established team of peers and experts to offer advice and ideas. Tapping into a community can help make the transition from retiring executive to independent consultant easier and give the consultant in start-up the support and resources they need to succeed.

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