Your Greatest Resource

Former presidential candidate George Romney said, “I didn’t say, I didn’t say it. I said, I didn’t say, I didn’t say, I didn’t say I said it. I want to make this perfectly clear.” Let me be perfectly clear about one item. You are unique! You have unlimited potential and ability to succeed in your career managing others, selling or servicing customers! Behavioral scientists say we use only 1% of our potential. Contrary to Alzheimer’s research, scientists also say we only lose 1% of our potential throughout our life. We need to make sure that the 1% we lose is not the 1% we use. So, how do we do that? Read on!
If I were to give you $250,000 for your lungs, would you take it? Or, if I were to give you $500,000 for your heart, would you make a trade? How about $1 million for your brain? So far, no one is seriously interested in such an offer. You can’t put a price tag on your lungs, heart or brain. Then, what is your greatest resource? Is it your lungs? Your heart? Your brain?
A behavioral study I read stated that 93% of the success of an individual is due to his attitude. Only 7% of his or her success is due to job knowledge, communications skills, and technical expertise. People with a positive, right attitude learn what they need to know and get results.
Your attitude is your greatest resource. Here are two positive attitudes worth developing: Consulting Market In Indonesia expect the best of yourself and others, and believe you cannot fail!
Expect the Best
Imagine the results if every time you went fishing you said: I won’t catch anything as usual, I hate sitting in the Accenture Consultant Travel Policy boat, the lakes are too crowded, my buddy’s a clod and will screw everything up or this is going to be boring.
Would you enjoy fishing? Would you purchase new tackle or try new spots to improve your catch? No way! You probably wouldn’t even go fishing. Your negative attitude already predicted the potential outcome.
In the 1984 Olympics, Mary Lou Retton was down to her last jump in the vault. She was in second place to the East German gymnast. Mary needed a 9.95 to tie for the gold medal and a perfect 10.0 to win. What do you think her attitude was? I can’t do it? My coach is a jerk? I’m nervous and scared?
Dr. Denis Waitley, motivator and behavioral psychologist, talked to Mary Lou just after the event. He learned what she thought about the jump. Mary Lou said to herself, “I need a 10. Get a 10. I need to run hard, extend, tuck and one is for you, Mom and Dad. Now do it.” Then she exploded down the run way. She got a 10, a perfect score. She didn’t go for a tie; she went for the gold. She had done it before and believed she’d do it again. She expected the best and achieved the best she could do. There are three lessons for us here. First, she had a goal with a plan that she had prepared for and believed in completely. Second, she dedicated her win to her parents not herself. Winners have an uncommon desire to serve others. Third, she took purposeful and determined action. That’s expecting the best!
Believe You Cannot Fail
Your mind will do what you program it to do over time. Are you setting yourself up for career failure or success? A department store was having problems with theft. As a way to combat the problem, the store played a subliminal message with the background music. The message said, “Don’t steal; shoplifters will be prosecuted.” Shoplifting went up 25%. The negative message actually encouraged people to steal. So the store changed the message to say, “Be nice and honest. Pay at the cashier.” Shoplifting went down.
What messages do you give yourself or your co-workers? Do you always criticize what’s happening, or do you consistently complain about your employees or customers? It’ll set you up for failure: problems with co-workers, complaints, lost sales, and even sickness. Your thoughts over time rule your actions. Why not do it a different way?
David Stevens believed he couldn’t fail. He even went to the annual Minnesota Twins tryout camp. The Twins officials were flabbergasted. They couldn’t understand why David was trying out. You see David had no legs. The Twins’ managers talked to David to find out who he was. They discovered that he was a champion wrestler, he hit.500 on his high school baseball team, and he also played middle guard in football. The Twins asked him, “Why are you trying out, you aren’t going to make the team?” David responded that he didn’t have to be at work until 2 p.m., so why not try out? He had no limits or boundaries, did he?
How many of us would never try? We’d think of failing, or how we are different or what other people would say. Don’t believe it anymore. Like a tiny acorn that has the pattern of a mighty oak tree in it, you have talent, strengths, and reserve potential! Expect the best in all that you do. Have PRIDE! To help mine your potential, make an effort every day to review your goals and plans. Take time to visualize success and affirm it positively in your mind. Also, keep learning by reading books in your field, attending seminars and listening to uplifting motivational messages. Always, believe you cannot fail. Remember this, there is no self-improvement only increasing in the ability to be all that you already are.
Finally, keep in mind Vince Lombardi’s most famous quote: “You’ll never be perfect. Aim for perfection and you’ll achieve excellence.” With these attitudes leading or taking care of customers or living life for that matter is a whole lot easier!

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