You’re Like a Slinky – And Business is Like Exercise

When I don’t exercise, I feel…



a little Types Of Business Consultants slow


unmotivated to start any activity


I had my first session this morning with a personal trainer (ugh, the fitness assessment). I finally booked it (honestly, it took years for me to pick up the phone) because I really want more energy and I want to be STRONG. Not freaky strong like the ladies in the string bikinis on stage, just feeling better and not so tired. If I don’t exercise, it’s not that I’m completely unhealthy or that my body doesn’t still work decently. But I know I could feel great and that I’m not operating at peak potential. (Stay with me here, I’m just making a point about business, not chastising you for lack of exercise!)

Without a trainer, I absolutely know in my heart that I won’t get the results I want (more energy and strength). I’ve tried and it doesn’t work. Yes, I exercise, but I’m not really getting anywhere – I’m stalled. My trainer is going to STRETCH me like a slinky. Not an actual physical stretch, but figuratively. With Benny watching, I will certainly show up (I paid for it, right?), I’ll try harder, stay focused, cut the excuses (too busy, too tired, no time), eat better, stay motivated, set goals and work towards them, etc. I hired him because he knows more than I do, he can steer me in the right direction, and he’ll keep me accountable.

It works the same way with your business. If you don’t STRETCH yourself, things start to get sloppy. Like your body, you can limp along and be fine. Just fine. You’re probably pretty good at your job. So is fine OK or do you want your business to reach its full potential? For your business to be the best it can be, you need to stay energized, motivated, and focused. You need to set goals and work towards them. You need some support, some assurance that you’re going in the right direction. You can get some of this support and motivation by attending industry events, getting a mentor, hiring a coach or consultant, participating in online training, attending seminars or webinars, and collaborating with a colleague. My advice is to do these things as often as you can. STRETCH yourself and your business will do better.

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And if you’re really feeling STUCK, then maybe it’s time for a personal trainer. A business personal trainer, that is. I’m like the Benny of fashion design businesses. I’m the one to call if you want results faster and with less struggle. I am the reason my clients…

show Independent Contractor Consulting Agreement up

try harder

stay focused

cut the excuses

set goals and work towards them

feel empowered

My consulting is not for everyone. You pay for it (not a small amount) and you get much better results a LOT faster than if you do it on your own. I guarantee it. When my one-on-one consulting clients book a six month package with me, they get the first 30 days to back out if it isn’t feeling right for them. No questions asked. That’s right, I will have worked the 30 days for free. It hasn’t happened yet, but some day it will. And I won’t mind a bit – I’d much rather have a happy client than work for six months with someone who isn’t pleased.

The thing about a Slinky is this… If you hold one end and I hold the other, it stays nice and stretched and taut. But if one of us lets go, it shrinks back to its original position. You have to KEEP STRETCHING it on a regular basis. So think about it, are you stretching?